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1johnlb;n13089 wrote:

Has anyone tried pushing a copper enriched alloy up to 3000 +? I remember what happened with the elco and we attributed it’s failure to the lack of bearing surface, but copper enriched reach 3-400 fps faster in my test when compared with Larry’s and his alloy. Up until then I had been using a wdww +tin with almost the same velocities as Larry in my 308 1 in 14.

Thinks Larry for heads-up on mtguns post. I’ll be searching for it tonight.

About 5 – 7 years ago when I was first testing HV cast bullets in my Palma .308W with a 14″ twist I cast some 311466s with a babbitt laced alloy. I will have to locate the notes on how much babbitt was in the alloy. I pushed them successfully to 2677 fps and 43,800 psi. I show an accuracy load of 49 gr AA4350 at 2608 fps with 20 shots giving an SD of 11 fps and an ES of 40 fps. Accuracy was right at 2 moa for the 20 shots. I also tested the same babbitt alloy with 45 2.1s 311-180 bullet. pushing it to 2450 fps with 2.5 moa accuracy. The babbitt alloy gives a lot more shrinkage than #2 alloy so I’m not sure the 30 XCB mould would drop them large enough…..remains to be seen I guess. I’ve been wanting to cast some 311465s with the babbitt alloy to test in the 16″ twist 30×60. Just haven’t gotten to it……so much to do…..so little time……

Larry Gibson

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