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I have hunted leases in FL and GA for 20 years. Some things to think about. How well do you know the other two guys? Is your 1/3 yours and not open to the other guys? Are there any other activities that may take place on the lease during hunting season that may ruin your hunt like gathering cows or timber harvest? Will they bring guests that won’t obey the rules? What are the rules? Ask about poachers and thefts in the area, are your stands going to be safe? Is it timbered or farm land? Your 1/3 may be plenty if it is wooded but not enough if is a farm field. What happens if there is a rule violation? Does it mean you get kicked out without refund? How much are you going to pay per acre? I pay $11.60 per acre for 328 acres. It is leased from a timber company.

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