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Fecmech, two things to consider. First, no gun is 100% reliable. Normally, the simpler the design, the more reliable. Second, the reliability of a gun used for target work may not translate to combat conditions with mud, dirt, and ammo that can get cruddy from being in a pocket, pouch, or belt.

As to the question, I do not know. I have a number of shotguns. I ended up with three Mossy’s that are only for defensive use and the only reason is that when I decided to buy a home defense gun I got a great deal on a Mossy. It ran well and added two others when I found good deals. Seemed a good idea to stick with one brand for when the SHTF

I used to shoot over 15,000 rounds a year on the Trap fields. EVERY gun will puke. I have a K80 and still carry a spare receiver. It is an absolutely stupid amount of money tied up in shooting clay birds. BTW, the yearly spring changes cost almost as much as a used Mossberg 500. But I trust my life to guns that are only a few hundred dollars.
Go figure. LOL

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