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I’m younger and have been taking scopes off my rifles. I know this will bite me eventually. I feel my eyesight getting worse. But I will deal w/ my decision in the future.

I’m partial to apertures. Specifically Skinners. Every one of my Marlins wears one. I have a Merit aperture for the one in 35 Remington since it’s the rifle I grab first for hunting. The others have carry a mid size aperture on the post and the smallest possible on the barrel blank. Removing the factory rear sight and installing the blank so you can hold an extra aperture has worked well for me. I have lost apertures in the field before. Nothing like being forced to use the post as a ghost ring.

They all have brass front posts that have been filed down to the correct height. Brass has proven to be the best color for me. The only time I have trouble picking it up is against white on a sunny day. These conditions are foreign to me while hunting so it’s pretty much a non issue. It’s easy to see the front post on an overcast day in the woods.

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