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I have hunted a couple of peep sights , bead and blade fronts . Light would seem to be key depending heavily on background raw/polished brass is probably about as good as they get ranging from broken sage and gray/white earth to broken black shale and thickets .

I’ve shot assorted “Vs” and “U”s , I don’t care for the Buckhorn style nor the “VA” Mauser style . Again the brass bead wins out . I find the glow dots distracting and even more so in low light.

It could be that I’ve never had the best of the best of the best glass maybe I’ve been exceptionally fortunate in luck of the draw or lighting angles for the dawn patrol . My 97′ Tasco has served these years and is leaps ahead of the K4s from El Paso in clarity . The reflected light that makes the reticle appear gold is a huge asset . The brand new Pronghorn recently installed was quite good on Texas hogs with a 100 yd green light under a new moon night hunt .
I must check them out under a quarter moon and clear skies .

I wonder how much effect altitude and the increase in UV has on the remedial optics vs the enhanced .
Doesn’t matter here much legal hours on game species is only 30 min before sunrise to sunset .

As to a preferred sight I couldn’t tell you about the field in that instant the whole world is a 4″ spot or a sweep to cover squeeze . Every shot that I have a clear sight picture of was was a misplaced shot unless it was range time . Having killed critters from powder burn to 350 yd with one shot kills and lost game that should have been dead where it stood but at my own fault was not , I would suggest that a sight choice for any given would depend on ones shooting style , choice of arms , cartridge and field . I would think a 40x 50 mm Ziess would be as impractical on a 42″ Trapdoor 45-110 as a vernier ladder peep on a Barret 50 BMG bolt gun .

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