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I’ve 2 of the Merit apertures also and have always preferred them as you can adjust the aperture to fit the light and shooting conditions. I also have 2 of the Gehman aperture sights and use them with the adaptors on Redfield Palma sights on my match M70 and Savage competition rifles. Never had a problem with wandering zero. Even so consider that in very poor light where you’d open the aperture the range is going to be close so any small change, if there is any, should not cause much difference in POI. Many hunters for close range and dim light conditions use the old trick of removing the aperture and then using the very large aperture as a “ghost ring”. That also works well but with the Merit on a Hunting rifle I’ve never needed that, just open the aperture is all that is needed.

Larry Gibson

The Gehman on the Redfield Palma sight.

Here’s the Merit on my M94 Winchester Blk Shadow with 24″ barrel. I can still use the aperture rear and post up front with that length barrel.

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