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It easy to understand the globe front + peep rear being hard to see at dusk. My experience has always been that peeps (aperture) are more accurate than a open sight (when using them equally in the middle of daylight). Everything changes in the dim grey of dawn. This is my intent to find the better sight picture for use at the grey light of dawn.
I have noticed that most if not all commercial gun makers have seemingly no clue as to what makes a good open (iron) sights. Marlin seems to have a decent commercial trigger but their sights sukk.
Im building a deer Mauser for use specifically for grey light of dawn, and wanting opine on good sights. At this point it seems like the scout scope gets the nod. I currently have a M98/.308 with a weaver K4. the K4 weaver does give me about 20 minutes daylight before dawn and again after sundown (compared to naked eye).
I am likely to build with some sort of optic sight. But, my next question is:
Is the scout scope setup any better than my Weaver K4?

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