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Larry Gibson;n12129 wrote: I also was a huge fan of aperture rear sights with a post front sight for hunting, even in the more wide open spaces. I mostly used Lyman and Redfield aperture rears and put a lot of M14 front sights on rifles as that made for my preferred sight picture. I can still use them on longer barreled rifles (24″ +) but with my old eyes I’ve gravitated to properly mounted “scout” scopes and dot sights on rifles I normally had just aperture sights on. Even my serious long range hunting rifles had back up aperture sights on them. Like Scharfschuetze I favor the Duplex reticle in scopes.

Larry Gibson

It is worth noting how close to the barrel Larry mounts his scopes. This undoubtedly allows for more comfortable sight alignment, and the smaller bells get that scope as close to the proper eye level as possible. Very often I see people make the mistake of putting a scope with a 50mm + objective lens on a rifle with a stock that was not made for it, and it makes it so the cheek floats above the comb of the stock, which produces errors in eye alignment (and those big scopes are often picky). This is a very logical and balanced use of optics.

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