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I disagree. Your bullet is 1″ long and the uppermost drive band is .64 from the base. Once engraved, you have your 65% bearing surface almost exactly.
However, you’ll never get a case full of smokeless powder under that bullet and maintain perfect accuracy without a gas check. You will be unable to give the rifle what it really wants, so all your time and components will be spent finding the best compromise unless you go with black powder.
Your lube grooves are great if you plan on shooting black powder. If you’re going smokeless, you’re drowning the bullet in lube. No need for all that.
Slim the grooves up. I say put four in there that are .010 deep and .040 wide.
It’s a single shot rifle, so ditch the crimp groove. That’s screaming for a tubular magazine you don’t have.

Apply these simple changes, and I think you’re going to be very very happy.

One last thing, if you plan on shooting long range (200-600 yards) with this bullet, give it a .180 meplat and make it look as much like a RN as possible.

That will shoot.

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