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Three44s;n11698 wrote:

That said, I see some folks picking on the priming on the Forester Coax but very few on the rest of that press!

I chose the Co-Ax because the son of a friend of mine is a career Marine and is a sniper. He is on the Marine Sniper Competition team. He was home on leave about the time I was looking for a reloading press. I was at his father’s house when he told me they use the Co-Ax for all their competition work and haven’t found anything to complain about when it comes to what it produces. He said the only complaint any of his cohorts have is it’s not a “flip on the switch automatic bullet makin’ machine”! :rolleyes: That was all I needed to hear. Bought it and haven’t found anything to complain about…………but then it’s my first reloader.

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