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When I get rich and famous I’d like to get a Coax ……… not that they are any blue blood tool ………. it’s just that something else always gets in the way of buying one for me ………… so getting rich seems the only other way for me!

That said, I see some folks picking on the priming on the Forester Coax but very few on the rest of that press!

I have the Coax priming tool by itself and it’s not my favorite, I think it shares those adjustable jaws as their press does but my main hangup is with how the primer feed tubes interface with the jaws and plunger.

I had a Lee handheld (original) and after some time it snapped.

Then I discovered the RCBS handheld that uses their shellholders and a priming tray. It also has a strap with a notch in it to create some separation between the reserve of primers and the one seated. Mine is getting a little worn after many years but I have a nearly new one in the wings that came in one of my “deals” that keeps me unrich so like is good.

The Lachmyer style RCBS bench tool is my go to for stuborn priming finishing.

Three 44s

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