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So Question – I am thinking of getting a .35 cal barrel and having chambered to either 358 or 358xcb or 35 Whelen – the bullets I’m planning on using are from Lee’s 358-105 SWC to NOE 360009 280 grainer. I’m looking at new barrels because I’m not seeing a lot of used barrels in .35 cal. –
I have twist rates from 1:10 to 1:20 with most offering 1:14 – according to formula the longest bullet will be Marginally stable at 1080 fps even in the 1:20 twist barrel. As I want to try to use this with a suppressor I want subsonic and super sonic performance with say max speeds of

2000 fps with 360009 – 280 grain RN


2500 fps with 35XBC bullet

2600 fps with RCBS 200 FN

2800 fps with 180 grain Silhouette RCBS SP

Don’t think I need Very much faster with any lighter bullets – but want to use
all the pistol molds with same cartridge for plinking cheaper.

So I’m wondering what Larry and Tim think would be best bet for me to purchase.

Suggestions Gentlemen?

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