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“That is not the attitude that is encouraged here. What I say is, buy the tools for the job, and I’ll teach you how to use them.”

Thank you Goodsteel! That is what I am looking for.
My own experiences with making my own dies and tools, rebarreling my own rifles, and casting my own bullets have been adventures to say the least. A lot of my learning has involved getting accurate measurements and learning how to use the tools. I have had numerous failures in my quest but they have all been learning experiences. I believe one can be “told” how to do something but until you put it into practice and learn from your mistakes one cannot claim to “know” how to do the task. Being the DIY type, I rarely let lack of knowledge stop me from attempting a new(to me) task. I want to learn!
That said, I find a good set of micrometers almost indispensable. As a matter of fact I have been looking for a better set to replace my janky old set. I have learned enough about reading them that I can now see the need for a better tool.

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