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slim1836;n10616 wrote: I had to start somewhere and LEE was within my budget ……………..

Oh trust me Slim I’m not knocking Lee molds they produce a good product for their market.
If there was a one fits all we would not have differing manufacturers for products.
The intents of my words was not meant to be a slam on Lee molds but rather to show my preference of mold manufacturers.
Have I owned Lee molds? yes I have in the past. Let not my statements create a stigma against Lee, they are a good mold manufacturer.
My statement of shying away from Lee and RCBS is based on I prefer to use from a set manufacturer if you look across product lines they all pretty much use the same designs with subtle difference, I like the way that NOE produces their molds the fact that Al has been great with me also spurs me to support his products.

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