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I tried filling all the lube grooves and it made no discernible difference. I am seeing an interesting pattern emerging though (I think).
Check this out, the strings always start good, then open as I go.
On this target, I fired 5 at the plates to dope the clean barrel with new lube, then I put 6 into less than 1.63″. The next string to the left opened up to 3″ with fliers to 6:00:

OK, so the next groups functioned in like manner.
This one did sub 2MOA for the first 7 shots, then the 8th 9th and 10th went low left. I believe this to be true because the scope is centered perfectly on the cone of fire. Everything should be inside 2″ but the last three shots in the string opened it up. ALWAYS the last few shots. Never the first.

I have several theories as to why this is happening.
1. I’m getting beat up and getting lazy on the bags.
2. The lube is building up and purging in the barrel (pretty shaky idea, but hey….)
3. I’ve just gotten “lucky” that all the fliers happened at the end of the string and further shooting will prove they are actually random.

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