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Ed you should have been at Tim’s Yesterday I brought the 7mm Mag out to re-zero so Mike my son can take it to the deer woods this year. Jason was there and kinda challenged me to shoot his steel targets ( @100 yds) yeah the 7 mag almost busted completely through the 3/8″ steel. I just giggled the load was Remington 140grs flat base bullets over 60 grs of IMR 4350 netted 2785fps. Grouping was not bad 2 to 21/2″ at 100, if that rifle responds like all the old 7 Mags I loaded for in the past at about 1 gr off max is where she will tighten up. (add one more grain max is listed at 62.5grs)
then picked up the Magno speed that Bjorn was kind enough to let me use for a bit.

Changing the subject back to the thread I wanted to go dead at .400 plus in the neck, but figured at 25 degrees versus the ought six’s 17 degree shoulder that if I went with that length or the 6.5x57mm M-S neck length that it would work. Without a un seemingly long neck that would look odd for that short mag. I’ll take you up on the .264 Win brass soon as I get the dies, I can then set up a base (dummy) cartridge for either Mason or PTG with a drawing to do a reamer. this should not require a new custom dies as the neck in the dies are straight through and don’t have a obstruction such as the chamber will have. So regular 6.5 Rem Mag dies will work.

added at 1221 hours, 3 October
The more I think about it after our conversation in your office Ed I think I’ll go +.070 of a inch. Then just keep the taper in the neck as originally drawn, but reduce diameter to .300 then taper to .298. Which as you pointed out will aide in extraction, yet offer a tighter neck. Last but not least do the 1 degree 30 second throat ( just partial to that degree throat, really don’t know if it would be a advantage over the 3 degree).

Shilen is currently not offering the exact contour I’m envisioning in a finished length of 26 inch. I could go 30 inch and get the Palma contour which I kind of lean towards, although the Varmint is nothing to sneeze at, it’s just a little bit heavier than the Palma by a few pounds. Looking at 1-8 twist to shoot the Sierria 140 gr match bullets as well as the Bergers.

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