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SGT Mike, you know very well it was only two desks. At lest the “O” had the sense to leave the office. I think an increase of one MOA for a target rifle is a reasonable standard to determine a barrel life cycle. Shooting minute of angle is much more difficult than shoot minute of deer. Our standard cartridges today are all a “little” over bored if we look at the charts. We like to drive fast cartridges for the same reason we like to drive fast cars. Driving a 65 Mustang is cool, driving a 65 Rambler, not so much. Shooting the 26 Nosler, at lest according to the firearm magazines is cool. Shooting the 6.5×55 Swede, not so much. Strange thing is the 6.5×55 Swede is 122 years old and according to the charts is over bored but I never heard it called a barrel burner. The 26 Nosler is what three years old and it’s over bored but I think we could agree that it is a barrel burner. No one cares that it is over bored because it’s cool. We all want to be cool. Isn’t that why you driver a new Dodge Charger?

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