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I just feel the need to say this though your accuracy loss is a gradual thing which makes it hard to actually determine for the hunter. it does not just go to pot when you hit a certain number of rounds rather it is a gradual thing. kinda like aging …..shoot I just can’t run that far anymore. But I will say if you leave a cleaning rod in the bore and shoot, it does immediately go to pot (ask me how I know :rolleyes: and no that is not picking on anyone but me).

While this has been a long thread I am in hopes that it has been:
a. thought provoking
b. helpful to a degree / informative
c. fun
d. humorous at times with quirks being said

Again everyone whom has or has not responded thank you for your time, and attention.
Especially for your patience for being civil and open minded.
In closing this post (not the thread) while I feel that overbore has no purpose as a term. I will appreciate and understand those that use the term without pointing back to this thread, as they are just attempting a negative comment about a cartridge or rifle without just saying so.

Accurate Barrel Life
Bullet Dia [in]0.308
Loaded Powder [gr]36
Powder Heat # [from comment]4080
Pressure [Psi]39,70039700
Shot Rate [Sec]608 Std
Extending Adj [%]0100%

just for giggles this a screen shot of the Spreadsheet I mentioned earlier is it the cat’s meow I dont know but I think it is a good as anything else

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