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Charlie I was looking to see for a barrel burner for a bolt face for a test with Melonite in post #27… Maybe ….. I was expecting to see the 6.5mm to burn quicker than a 7mm.

But in the spirit of moving on I was crunching numbers while you was typing 😮 but remember these are estimates only…your mileage may vary…
rate of fire is calculated at 1 shot per minute …………………….

All data is at listed maximum do not use for load data.

Barrel life is calculated for Target Shooting, for hunting estimated barrel life could/should double.

Ok these are 30 calibers comparison the bullet is 150 gr weight first up is the original powder mentioned by Scharfschuetze 4831

CartridgeCase cap H2OCase Cap CCH4831CC H4831% FiLLVelEst LifeVel per grVel per CCEfficiency VelEfficiency Life
30-40 Krag583.76493.5594.5%2306417447.06649.12ControlControl
300 H&H865.57785.66101.5%3313107842.47585.8590.3%25.83%
300 Win Mag895.7775.55.4794.9%3055116540.46558.1286.0%27.91%
300 Wby Mag996.42846.0994.9%327590338.99537.7782.8%21.63%
30-378 Wby1308.421047.5489.5%355558934.18471.4972.6%14.11%

Here is the same bullet in IMR 4064 you will see calibers dropped because no load data with hodgdon web site for that powder/caliber combo

CartridgeCase cap H2OCase Cap CCIMR4064CC IMR4064% FiLLVelEst LifeVel per grVel per CCEfficiency VelEfficiency Life
30-40 Krag583.76443.2887.2%2695503061.25822.15ControlControl
300 H&H865.57644.7785.6%3170153949.53664.8580.9%30.60%
300 Win Mag895.7765.54.8884.6%3205150448.93656.8079.9%29.90%
300 Wby Mag996.42674.9977.8%3471147151.81695.3884.6%29.24%

Again same bullet with IMR 4895

CartridgeCase cap H2OCase Cap CCIMR4895CC IMR4895% FiLLVelEst LifeVel per grVel per CCEfficiency VelEfficiency Life
30-40 Krag583.76362.6269.7%2435606867.64929.11ControlControl
300 Win Mag895.7765.54.7782.7%3196116848.79670.2572.1%19.25%
300 Wby Mag996.42664.8074.9%3214114548.70668.9172.0%18.87%

Hopefully this more in line with what you was hoping for Gentlemen.
For the efficiency Velocity percentages I was comparing the Vel per CC of the cartridge to the value of the 30-40 Krag. If one compares the Velocity per grain it should be the same but seeing how I attempted to show volume of fill I decided to use volume instead of weight of the charge.

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