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Here is a update I did a little calculating on two 6.5 mm Magnums against the 7mm Rem Mag and used a online source for barrel life calculator done in excel then posted the results into a different spread sheet to see which was the worst barrel burner.
I used two powder type only that was common among the three cartridges I maxed the loads out for a 140gr bullet per the load data offered by Hodgdon. Here are the results of that estimate…..

CartridgeH2O grsCC Volgrs H4831cc of H4831% FillvelocityEst Bbl Lifegrs H4350cc of H4350% FillvelocityEst Bbl Life
6.5 Remington Mag684.4543.989.00%29431200493.681.00%27801256
264 Winchester Mag825.355475.00%28531221523.871.00%28291146
7mm Remington mag845.4644.685.00%29501233594.379.00%29271252

Darn no clear winner to help make the choice easier. In case your wondering the 264 Win Mag and 7mm Rem mag had the lower pressures than the other 6.5 Mag.

Now what is it worth probably nothing,except as a guide. But according to the site that the calculator came from this was calculating SLOOW fire for target accuracy. So hunting accuracy should be about twice the estimated rounds. I don’t know how much stock to place in it but it is here for your use or disuse

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