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As long as we have some thread drift going here.
Does anyone have any experience with Chryogenically freezing barrels?
When I built my 30-378 I sent the barreled action to “300 Below” for their chryo treatment. My magazine box held 3 , vs Weatherby’s 2 . 🙂 The process involved taking the parts down to -300F for a couple of days, then slowly warming them up to room temp. It was a M1917 commercial 30-06 sporter when I started. Sorry no pics of it 🙁 They said that the process helped with the formation of ” tempered Martensite.”, and help stress relieve the steel. It was supposed to increase the wear life of steel by 3-4x that of untreated parts. I ended up selling it to fund christmas one year, so no long term use report to follow.

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