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your echoing what I understand as well. The machining, chambering would have to be done, and what I have heard is that it should be broke in fully, so depending on caliber 100-300 rounds. Then cleaned SPOTLESS every nook and cranny before being sent in and applying this process, otherwise it will fail.

I recall something being said about certain SS barrels it not really being that effective on (alloy dependent, some took well) , and that Chrome Moly barrels is where it worked the best. the big down side I see is that barrel setback really can’t be performed. Which honestly if you extend the life by say 600-1200 rounds that is a little bit more than a set back is good for in a usual barrel burner setup. And would or might be cost effective.

Of course those value are thrown out there for say target accuracy not hunt which certainly most hunters can buy a barrel burner without fear. As they are very unlikely to ever burn a barrel out even with the most barrel roaster available. Like Tim said it is only us shooters that are concerned with this.

As I have one of the barrel burners, I have thought about this, because of my intended usage of this gun it would fit the bill to try, even if the accuracy went south a bit, just need minute of deer max prefer minute of Paraire Dog but hey, it all about fun.
Question is do I stay 7mm bore or move a little bit smaller for this to a more supposedly aggressive burner?

I appreciate everyone weighing in more than you all know on this topic even though we have shifted to the effect versus the condition. Which I really think is a natural state because in essence we are all kinda agreeing overbore is a ambiguous term, even though we all use it to describe a less than desirable condition.

And I guess we should move on to the powder efficiency aspect as Scharfschuetze has pointed out which is I think is a viable thought.

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