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Art seen that was well earlier when I was looking prior to posting the question and actually considered about using it. (think it was posted on accurate shooter) Thank you for weighing in with that article.
I for the record do like Scharfschuetze’s as well as everyone’s reply on the topic as I agree with much as what has been said. And I don’t see where anyone is wrong. I do see where metallurgy, changes in machining process,and powder development have lessened certain barrel burner cartridge to a acceptable level.
Earlier I alluded to the turbulence point based on the cartridge shoulder angle and neck length. A quick looking into that borne some interesting thought on this. Consider the large straight wall rifle cartridge never heard anyone refer to them as overbore or as barrel burners. Maybe because of a lack of a turbulence point for the powder column and escaping gasses? In CA Dude and my conversation this was thrown out as theory. ( and of course naturally more powder just accelerates the process)
This does not discount the index that was shown but I am of the opinion that a modifier is in order to refine the math. I will agree it is as good or better merit system that I have seen offered thus far.

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