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The daughter does have it but is 10 days in and ,doing well .
Most of the back issues it appears were me in need of a back snapper . I turned just so getting up from a sound sleep and felt stuff move , I haven’t felt this good since Christmas !

I loaded a bunch of unrefined 223 for a couple of unrefined rifles .
I wish I had something more exciting to share .

I got a great neck die for my 257 Roberts in the form of a 6.5-257 but a formed case looks more like a 6.5-257 AI so there’s a lot going on there the no expander size is perfect for cast though at the neck . No bump with the 40° shoulder and it won’t touch the case save maybe right at the bottom maybe . The box is marked 6.5 Japanese .
I also got a Bonanza Bench rest set for the 264 WM . I can’t imagine a bigger waste for a major barrel burner but who can pass up $100 worth of useful dies for $23 shipped . Yep that covers it .

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