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Got a email today that it’s being shipped. It’s a blow back pistols but the barrel is not pinned solid to the frame. The barrel lays on the frame . It has what looks like a notch on the bottom of the barrel that locks into the frame or just lays on the frame. And I just sold my 380 dies a few months ago. I haven’t used them in over 20 years, didint thank i would ever shoot 380 again since 9 mm pistols are so cheep now. so got to buy another set . I was reading on the bretta forum the 81 model was a 32 the 85 and 86’s where 380. Same gun just a different barrel. All I have to do is buy a barrel 70$ and a 380 mag for 30$ And just swap it out takes 30 seconds . Also beretta made browning pistols for them. Only difference is price and name same pistols. But the browning barrels are 170$ to 200$ each. Will post a picture when it comes in

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