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That is a very good rifle and very rare in the Us. I would definitely fix that rifle. It is very good quality. I would cut off the chamber shorten it past where the buldge is then re chamber  It with a short match chamber. The  best accuracy I have read is when you can get  .030 thousand of bullet engraving on the bullet  from the rifling. A old gun Smith did it for me. He first said it’s going to be expensive do you want to spend that much money on a 22. I told him if you seen the groups I get at 100 yards with this gun you would. I told him to do it. He said it’s going to be around 100$ bucks. Well he must of felt sorry for me and my gun he only charged me 85$. I only wish he re chambered it with a short match chamber. He’s passed now from cancer a few years ago. I really miss him. He was cheep and good. He did awesome hot bluing also. I have read that people take brand new ruger 10/22 and send them off the have the chamber shortened. Then they rechamber it  with a short match  reamer. I have read this really improves accuracy a bunch. That 22 rifle of yours needs fixed. To me it is a awesome very good rifle . Glad you posted it. I have never seen one thanks

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