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What’s funny the Chinese trainer and the Brno look almost exactly alike . The Chinese did a good job of copping it. When I first got the jw15 Chinese rifle I thought I was getting a real Brno. Ordered it out of shotgun news. Still remember the add, Brno Mauser style action 22 trainer. It was 1989 . Got it in and I was slightly upset when I found out it wasn’t a Brno. After I shot It I changed my attitude a bit. This thang would stack 10 inside a dime at 50 yards. It would do it sometimes at 100 using ely tinex gold medal match. At worst quarter size or slightly bigger at 100 yards . I then took the rifle apart and found the totally adjustable trigger. This thang looked like a Swiss  watch tiny fine threaded screws for adjustment. The Brno I know didint have this good of a trigger. I could lower the trigger down to less than one pound. I didint like it that low because I also use it for hunting so I set it around 2 pounds. The Brno has a really good trigger also but not quite as good as the jw15. The jw15  is marked 1966 . It’s kind of ugly plane as all get out but it still one of my favorite 22’s

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