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It’s been over a year since I read Larry’s post. I was amazed at the time, but too busy doing other things to give it the thought it deserves. I don’t get onto cast forums nearly as much as I should. After re-reading it again today, I’m even more amazed than before. Awed. I don’t mean to gush, but wow! I don’t have any rifles that might realize the full benefit of this approach or this bullet, but it’s reminded me that my cast bullet casting and processing has been a little too sloppy. Today, I find myself paying more attention to those tiny sprue nubs, and weight sorting a recently cast batch (rather than just visually culling per my usual method) was revealing all by itself! Over a year later, thanks again, Larry. Wish I lived closer to Havasu so I could shake your hand. I’d better look around this forum some more this week. No doubt some of you guys have gone on to additional jaw-dropping exploits.

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