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today i cleaned the barrel out. it only took me 45 minutes or so. the first 1/2 hour i was soaking it in gunslick’s foaming bore cleaner. the next 15 minutes or so was a bore brush, 35 caliber patches, sweet’s and some elbow juice to make it clean. i found only one steel/lead shaving and it was miniscule. the first series of patches came out grey. the second series(sweets) came out clean. i oiled up the inside of the barrel and i did oil up the outside. i’ll say this, JES does good work!!! i was surprised that the patches didn’t find shavings i’d expect. i was more surprised on barrel cleaness. i was expecting it to be dirty, but 4 or 5 patches and it comes out clean. i did the 2nd set because i couldn’t believe that the barrel was clean!!!! i did a dry run(patches) on the barrel’s rifling and i found it smooth as a baby’s bottom.  so three cheers for JES!!!!!

tomorrow, i’ll use transmission fluid(i don’t have acetone? i’ll have to look.) and my old toothbrush to attack the rust(sinter steel). if that don’t werk, then i’ll have to buy breakfree clp and some  fine copper wool 0000. if that don’t werk, then its off to cerakote.

JES gave me load that says 200gr cast and rel10, but i don’t have any rel10. i have trail boss(its a joy to shoot on anything), 2400, rel 7, h4198(JES did imr on j-words) and h322(i have a pound of it, unopened for about 5 years). i’ll have to check but i got a 1/2lb of varget. i bought it for my 30-40 krag but it doesn’t like varget. i have found an article that goes 15.4 – 20.0gr of 2400 with a 200gr cast boolit that goes 1300-1800fps. i’m a little leery of going over 16.0gr of 2400, but i ask, do you take 20.0gr of 2400? or was it just a show(lie)?

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