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When I got my son a deer rifle I thaught the same thing 30/06 or 308W. I wanted a 30/06 but every body kept telling me 308. Years ago every body wanted the 06 because of the cheep mill surp ammo and rifles . Now the 308 is in common use. My dad  a Vietnam vet told me why do you want the old 30/06 get a 308 . He is the same one in 1989  told me the m1 carbines where junk get the sks same price then 189$ . Had my ffl then. Get what you want. I went with the 308 because it is in every country store around here. 30/06 not as much selection as it use to be. My savage axis 308 win I can tell you shoots cast great 1/10 twist . Don’t know about heavy subsonic loads for a can . The light loads info Larry Gibson gave me using a 90 or 100 gr lead pistol bullet sized to .311 using bullseye is awsom at 25 to 50 yards. I would like to just see sombody shoot a pistole or 308 with a can . Only seen a 9 mm with a can at the range one time. That is the only time I seen sombody shoot with one

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