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Ah, I didnt know you already know this guy.

I was asking because he claimed 2600fps. IF he had claimed 2900 I would have already come to the answer.

I have tried cast in different of my rifles, different twists and calibers, and accuracy falls apart for me in the mid-2000 fps range. Since he was claiming 2600 and I think that is the upper end of ‘mid-2000’, I had to ask.

I do not yet have a slow twist cast bullet barrel. I only have factory rifles, and yes, they all fall apart when you do the math on Larry’s RPM method.

My best over-the-counter barrel is a .308 barrel, chambered in 7.62×39, in a M98. (for cast bullets)

It does better in the mid-2000 range than anything else I got. It is a comparable .30-30 load (high pressure in that little case.) it is a heavy bullet for 7.62×39, and push it to 30-30 speed in a M98. I would like to try the same thing in a slow barrel.

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