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“Do you think that guy was making a bogus video or , not?”

Don’t know.  But I do know this, I tried to help waco over on CBF but he wasn’t receptive as he was getting the usual smoke blown where the sun don’t shine by the amigo’s over on the artful forum.  I even, at Waco’s insistence, shot the HV 30 XCB loads I use in my 308W pressure test rifle with 10″ twist and also in my Palma rifle with a 14″ twist at 500 yards for him.  I shot 10 shot groups w/o the wait to keep the barrels cool.  I posted the results here a while back and that thread is still there for your purview.  After posting those results on waco’s thread on CBF waco basically blew me off.  He received his input from the amigo’s regarding H414 powders as “the powder to use”.  He then posted the video we see above.

Interestingly after the posting of the above video he posted on the artful forum that he shot that load and got 5 – 8″ groups at 100 yards with that very load from that rifle and was frustrated by the lack of accuracy.  Last I checked (was several weeks ago) he hadn’t posted anything else on the topic having moved on to jacketed bullets in other cartridges……….

So was he making a bogus video?………..your guess is as good as mine………..but those of us who have really forayed into HV shooting with cast bullets know the probable answer.  However, to give waco the benefit of the doubt (not sure why I should after his attitude toward my trying to help him?) , sometimes the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars all line up and things seeming go well, at least one time with a small sample of shots.  Then when we try the same load again we find we can’t reproduce the success of that one instance.  That may have been the case with waco’s last test………

Larry Gibson


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