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I haven’t sluged the barrel. Actually I have never sluged a barrel before. I guess I am just lazy but I shoot as cast. I use the biggest bullet that will fit and so far it has worked for me. My high point 9  will only take .3575 max  the star and Bretta will take .3585 or .359 . I have used as small as .356  in my nines  with ok accuracy and no leading but they really like .3575 or bigger. My two lee molds for 9 come out at .3575 and my lee 38 molds come out .3585 to .3595 so far that has worked for me. The star and Bretta like the lee 38 bullet 125 gr rn not sized. I missed out on the super stars in 9mm years back. I should of ordered one but really didint know anything about them. This was pre internet. If I remember correctly they first came out at 159 or 199$ at the differnt holesellers.

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