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I tried your load of 4 gr of bullseye. It worked really good. Then I tried 3.5 gr and it also worked good. I couldn’t really tell much difference in .5 of a gr difference. I have read your load of 4 gr  and another military style pistole load of 3.8 I thank from mike Ventura in some gun magazine . This load range 3.5 to 4.1 worked really well. Wish I could afford a real 1911 style 45 acp but the star will have to do. At least it shoots good. I thank it shoots just slightly better than my Bretta 92fs. That or I need more pratice with the 92. All my 9mm bullets are lee molds.want to try the lee 124 Rn mold next. Just have to Waite untill back in stock to order it .thanks

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