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300BO should work very well on a slow twist. After all, the .30BR is a small capacity case well proven in slow twist with light jacketed in bench rest competition.

300BO or 7.62×39 are both small capacity cases and that lends itself to a efficient cartridge. I had a Mauser98 with a generic 7.62×39 barrel (.308″) and it impressed me with comm-bloc ammo. I experimented briefly with cast and showed promise but I soon hit Larry’s RPM limit with cast. It acted like it wanted to do well though. It is easy to go up to .30-30 power with Lee 170gr cast. Larry’s mini mauser would be a hoot. Small, lightweight, and every bit a .30-30 hunter.

Of course the .30XCB would likely be a natural for this.

Not mention a little light plinker might go to 2900fps on prairie varmints.

My M98 7.62×39 had a x39 chamber and .308 bore, the large throat didnt seem to bother it. I did manage a few 1moa groups but did not push farther for custom ammo. If you seek sub moa shooting you may want a .30 throat, but the x39 throat will get equal to 1 moa, I cannot verify smaller than 1 moa.

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