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I never needed glasses until I was 38 . At 42 I gave up on the bifocal resistance . My then Mrs had a vanity thing so I got a contact and blended lenses . After the first pair of lined bifocal safety glasses after wearing nolines for a couple of years it was no contest to pay the extra for blend . Among other things it gives me about 20 focal points from the full clear vision at the target to clear focus of the front ring of a bolt rifle and the entire rib of a shotgun .
I’m left eyed right handed and shoot both ways now as I fought the weakening left eye to a point that I learned to shoot a bow right handed both open . The lose went from 15/20 to 20/40 in about 4 yr . I lose the first 3-4x on the left side now . The contact is a stigmatism contact that actually let’s me see around the damaged part of the macula in my left eye . Now I just make people crazy that watch me shoot a while and drive the counter guys to drink when I ask for a no cast stock .

Look into no lines before you buy 3-4 pairs of glasses .

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