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this was when my grandfather gave it to me.  it was restocked sometime in the early 1960s.

when my grandpap passed away, the original stock came to me. it was black and dusty from sitting in his basement rafters. i then sanded it with very fine steel wool and then several coats of johnson paste wax.


i cleaned the bore down to bare steel and i mean clean!!!!!! 7 or 8 hours, 6 or 7 days(not consecutively,took me about a month) to clean it. i used sweets, shooters choice and gunslick’s foaming bore cleaner. i don’t how many cotton patches i used but it was a bunch!!!


there were copper spirals, black gunk, copper pieces, some more black gunk and some black gunk!!! i believe, at the time, that oil was the cleaner. i scrubbed out 110+ years of gunk and copper and cupro nickel to boot.

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