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Got out to my 1000 yard range yesterday.  Was a nice day for LR shooting except the wind picked up a but running 2 -3 mph out of 9-10 o’clock but gusting to 5 -7 mph.  Mirage was also heavy enough we could not see the impacts through the 32X of the NF scope or my 25X Kowa spotting scope.  We could see any misses impact in the dirt behind the gong though.

The 1st sighter went low just off at 5 o’clock for a probable 9.  Went up 1 moa and 2nd sighter went just off at 3 o’clock for another probable 9.  Went left 1 moa and shot 10 for record.  Even though we couldn’t see the bullets hit we knew the target was hit because there was an impact light on the back of the gong.  You can see the plexiglass lens at 12 o’clock peeking over the target.  When the target is hit it flashes red…..handy device for LR shooting.

The score rings are for NRA High Power 1000 yd target; X is 10″ and 10 ring is 20″.  Scored a 99 with 5X  with about a 1 1/2 moa group so I was quite pleased with the 22″ barreled .308W sporter M70 rifle.  Had I seen the bullet impacts I could have better adjusted for the wind but, oh well, was certainly fun enough as it was…..

Larry Gibson

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