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H335 has been my go to powder in the 223/5.56 cartridge with 50 – 55 gr jacketed bullets since the early 70s.  I have shot thousands of round loaded with 26.5 gr under 52 and 55 gr bullets.  It has always proven to be an extremely accurate load.  I recently was shooting PDs out to 500 yards with that load under Hornady 55 SXs and Sierra 55 Blitz Kings.

Keep in mind there are 2 pressure MAP levels; one for the .223 Remington and one for the 5.56 NATO.  I worked up the load years ago duplicating the velocity of M193 5.56 in a 24″ barrel.  There was only one chamber spec back then also and that was Remingtons which was very close to the chamber in M16s/AR15s.   I have since pressure tested it in a tight 223 Remington chamber and it’s average psi runs in the middle of numerous lots of M193 (the US military load with 55 gr FMJBT) I have tested in the same barrel.  I have shot that load in a multitude of bolt actions, SSs and gas guns and never had anything but excellent performance out of it.

In bolt guns and SSs with 11 – 14″ twists I use the 55 SX.  With 10″ or faster twists the 55 Blitz King or the 55 gr Varmagedden are my bullets of choice

For those interested my bullet of choice for gas guns with 10″ or slower twists is the same 26.5 gr H335 under a Speer 52 gr HP.  Absolutely deadly on varmints out to 500 yards.  With faster twist barrel the 55 gr Blitz King is my bullet to use.

Larry Gibson

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