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I hate hearing stuff like this . I’ve lived it all in the dry country and I’m boarding on rust paranoia .
For mold and fungus moisture is the key keep it dry ….that hard to do when every day is 50/50 for rain and 2/7 constitutes a drought . I would give the under coating rubber stuff a chance . If it is a silicone or vynle base a wash and total dry out will get it done . A solution of I think it’s 1/4 cup of Clorox per gallon of water will kill just about everything in a simple wipe down , soak a little bit and if possible dry it in direct and it should take care of the mold IN the safe . All of the chlorine will evaporate in a day or so my safe needs a bigger Golden Rod or the just enough unit just isn’t enough it’s holding but not like I had expected .

If it is a true rubber product coating I’m no help because almost anything you put on it to kill mold fungi etc will make the rubber gooey .

I’d talk to the shop that made the safe and see what they say about getting it cleaned up .

Epoxy paint as a last resort after clean up efforts at the very least it will lock it all in and keep it there .

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