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I started out in ’95 with obtaining 5 gal buckets of floor sweepings from a friends radiator shop.  This included a lot of lengths of solder up to about 5 inches.  It was dirty as it came offa a dirt floor but when melted down on my Coleman Gas Camp Stove in a cast iron dutch oven it was perfect for making boolits.  True they were lighter than normal and a lot harder with all that tin content but what did I know at that point.  All I wanted were some boolits for my Smith 38’s.

Over the following 4 years I garnered a nice pile in muffin and ingot form which I piled up in the garage.  Unfortunately I had to move that pile some in the next 23 years.  I have added to it with a lot of coww’s over the years and a few select purchases of alloy from fellow casters and lead salvagers.  It is still a nice pile and I need to get out on the back patio and smelt down some range lead and ingots into ingots that I like to utilize.  The days of gathering coww’s from tire shops is long past I am believing.

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