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The swc shoot as good as the round nose. I got a box from a ex co worker that retired and no longer needs them. It was probably 400 to 450 in the box mixed Swc and Rn. The wadcutters shoot good but not as good as the hard cast factory bullets. I have the noe sizers now that fit in the lee case flaring tool. I got the bigest that thay make in .358 and the four smaller sizes. I can tell just by using this tool the varing case thickness of different brands when I don’t sort cases. Iam also getting better as a pistole shot so my ammo I decided to start reloading better ammo.  I first started out using almost pure lead at first but didint sort my cases. I wasent good enough shot at first to use good ammo. Now I think the better ammo will help. Ism at the point at 12 yards I can get a group that all touch one ragged hole with my better ammo . I have tried different powders but so far with red dot, bullseye, trail boss, Hs6 and unique all seem to group good at that distance. Now I want to get the wadcutters to shoot that good all the time. I will use the info I got here to try out in my next loads and start shooting 15 and 25 yards

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