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As it happens I have some initial 6.5 Swede pressure/velocity loads with IMR 4831 and the 129 gr Hornady SP ready to test.  I’m doing an initial work up with 3 rounds of each increment starting at 42 gr and working up in 1 gr increments to 50 gr.  Going to stop at the C.I.P (European equivalent of SAAMI) MAP of 56,000 psi.  I also have some 120 gr Remington Corelokt SPs with the same increments.

Test rifle will be with a Sportered Mexican SR M98 action with a 22″ Swede milsurp barrel (was new, in the white, when I installed it).  It still has the milsurp chamber and throat as I was able to fit and headspace (minimum) without having to touch the chamber.

I will post results here.

Larry Gibson


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