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Years ago (too many to count…..) when I was shooting police competition (PPC and TRC matches) the most accurate loads were factory Remington and Federal WCs.  I could never get my own cast (either the 358091 WCs or the 358477 SWCs) to shoot as accurately until I started using 1-40 (WCs) or 1-30 alloy (SWCs).

I used a .358 H&I die to size and lube (Javelina) which barely sized the bullets.  The nose punch was mated to the bullet nose using “Metal Set”.  The seating stem of the seating dies (had one for each bullet) were also mated to the nose of the bullets.  I also used match 38 SPL cases (Remingtons) that had thinner parallel case walls and had an expander made that expanded the sized case inner diameter at .357  to the base of the bullet.  A taper crimp was used with both bullets.

I used Bullseye powder at 2.7 gr under the WCs and 3.5 gr under the SWCs.

Only after doing the above did my own cast bullet WC/SWCs shoot as well as the Remington or Federal factory match WCs, especially at 50 yards.  In competition I used a 2″ M10 in the TRC “Detective” matches, either my 4″ or 5″ M15 in the “duty” matches and a Power custom PPC on a M15 S&W frame for the standard matches.

Larry Gibson

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