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I think pistols especially (and other guns) are under-rated at times.

we all have read the stories about Elmer Keith and his adventures with pistols.

I happen to have the Marlin camp carbine in .45acp. It is fun no doubt.

I found myself clanging steel at 50 yds with it. .45acp.

Then I got brave and tried 100yd gong. I dialed it in and started banging it.

the part that surprised me was the (lack of) hold over. I was totally surprised how little hold over was needed.

Granted it was one of those man-sized silouette steel gongs, but I clanged it nonetheless, and with my regular sights, not some uber long range affair. Keep in mind this is 45acp, NOT some sort of Elmer Keith uber brass stretcher.

After the fun of that wore off, I just had to try it with the same 45acp ammo except in the 1911 concept.

Yep, sure enough, I banged it. Not a lot, but I hit it. I hit it 2 times with a full mag of 1911.

and, all the rest of them would damn sure keep the head down on a bad guy out there………

Now that I KNOW THIS…………would you think the common bad guy knows this as well ???

I guess my point is that with all the talk of flat shooting calibers, uber cartridges, and so on, at the end of the day there just isnt a whole lot of drop out to 100 yards. I mean gosh, I’m talking about 45acp here……..and muzzleloaders.

Now, if you were to enter the Elmer Keith uber brass stretcher calibers, then by golly yeah, 200yards becomes a piece of cake.

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