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I’m getting around 4-5″ groups at 75yds off the bench with 2 bags.

Ammo is mostly Tulammo 124gn sp and 154gn sp.

Win 123gn fmj shoots a little tighter.

I have tried hand loads with Barnes 123 Tacx and cfe blk that shoot around 4″

The best I have ever got was back in 96 with Lapua fmj, with 3 into 1.5″ at 100 off the bench with open sights.   Im ordering some from Midway to see if it still works as well.

I have tried a rear sight mount, and have soldered on a side mount also.  With the rear sight mount and 124 Tulammo I got one 10 shot group around 3″. But couldn’t repeat it.

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