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I was thanking of getting a ruger 10/22 to start with. Then i seen the custom barreled actions Brownells sells. There not much more. 200 $ for a basic 10/22   The custom barreled action with parts and a used stock off eBay 275$ 300$ then I seen this at legacy sports, a escort 22lr rifle. Looks just like the chez. Burno or CZ 22 rifle trainer. I found this while looking at Howa Rifles and barreled actions. Sompthing ealse to save up money for. The JW15 I have Chinese made looks just like a chez burno CZ trainer. I moved 12 years ago and lost my 5 round mag and trigger guard redoing the stock. I could not get any parts for it and it was to good a shooter to leave it alone so I ordered real cz parts. I thaught well they will be close enuf to hand fit if need be. Well everything fit perfect mag and trigger guard. The retaining c clip and the extractor also from a cz also fit perfect. It looks like the Chinese copied it exactly. Has any body ever seen this bolt 22? It’s made in turkey I thank for Howa . What to pick out for my next 22 will have to Waite untill spring

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