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Also shot a bunch of 38 special. I had a few boxes of factory ammo and a lot of reloads I wanted to try out. The 158 gr round nose shot great. I got a box of 500 ,half 158 gr swc and half round nose from a guy from work. They are store bought hard cast bullets. I used unique and red dot and trail boss this time to try out. The 158 gr round nose shot really really good. A lot of one hole groupes  at 7 and 12 yards. I was surprised that a hard bullet from a light 38 would shoot that good. trail boss left the cases very sooty but shot good. Shot the high point 40 S&W about two boxes.the 38,s where S&w model 10 and a model 64 4 in barrel police trail in . All in all had a nice afternoon shooting.

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