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“….what bullets (cast or jacketed) do you think are worth a look, what powders, and how would you load for this rifle if you were going for 200 yards on full scale silhouettes?”

What I had in mind for a long range bullet (target and hunting) for use in my 45 Colt Rossi M92 was the Accurate 45-250G.  That is a RN bullet with a flat meplat taking a GC similar to the Lyman 454190.  It should drop at .454 with COWW or slightly more with 2% tin added or with your “house” alloy.  I’d let them AC and age for 2+ weeks and then size at .454, lube with BAC and use a Hornady GC.  I would first try them over 4227 and then RL7.

Also I quit using a tugston carbide sizer on my 45 Colt cases because the 45 Colt is not really a “straight” case…..it is tapered.  Since I like to inspect my cases before reloading anyway I clean them, lube them and then FL size with a RCBS standard steel die which maintains the taper crimp.  I them clean the lube off (15 – 25 minutes in sawdust in a Thumbler) and either finish loading for utmost accuracy or top end loads on a single stage press with the RCBS dies.  My generic fun loads I finish loading on a Dillon SDB sans the sizer.

That Accurate bullet cast and loaded as mentioned should stabilize as nicely as the 454190 does in the slow twist of the Rossi M92.

Larry Gibson

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