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i’ve done the ’06 into a 9.3×57 but i didn’t shoot it. i was going to buy a mini cut off saw just for that reason. i have  somewhere around 1000 of ’06 cases. i don’t have an ’06 , but my son does.  what i do have is a 270. i took a hundred of ’06 rem cases and necked them down to .277″.  i know they are short lengthwise  but they sure do fire!!!!



about 10 years ago they had a shortage of 6.5 creedmoor brass. so i formed the 22-250 case to 6.5-250(aka 6.5 creedmoor). it was a little short too. i shot them 9 or 10 times. then  6.5cm brass was more plentiful.


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